Rigid PP Board (PP Sheet/ PP Panel) – Technical Plastic Sheets

PP (polypropylene) plastic sheet made from PP pellets with safety additives, has high bearing and chemical corrosion-resistant capacity and abrasion-proof. PP sheet is heat-resistant with high temperatures (up to 100°C), higher than PVC and lighter in weight so it is used in more specific environments. PP sheet is not toxic, safe for health so people widely use in medicine and food manufacturing. We hope Phat Loc PP sheet will be the best choice of customer and replace imported products.


  • Chemical Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Chemical Installations
  • Pharmaceuticals and Bioindustry
  • Livestock Farming & Agriculture
  • Aquaculture / Fish Farming
  • Swimming Pool Construction
  • Food production
Tấm nhựa PP trắng do Phát Lộc sản xuất
Tấm nhựa PP trắng do Phát Lộc sản xuất

Technical specification PP sheet

1 Reliability Tensile N / cm2 2500-3200
2 Elongation at break % 25 – 33
3 Reliability bending Mpa 45-90
4 The change in size in 6 hours at 55 ° C % 0.01 – 0.1
5 Vicat temperature ° C 100

Liên hệ tư vấn

Application of PP sheet

Ứng dụng tấm nhựa pp

  • PP sheet making chemical tanks, plating

PP sheet making chemical tanks, plating: PP tanks have the ability to withstand high concentrations of chemicals. PP tanks commonly used in Crom plating, pickling copper solution. Advantages of PP when making chemical plating tank is that it has the expansion and better temperature resistant than PVC, however PVC is capable of better antioxidant.

Bồn chứa hóa chất bằng nhựa PP
PP sheet chemical tanks
  • PP sheet making air intake system

PP sheet making air intake system: in many environments, the working temperature requires relatively large, straw-section is not too large, plants will choose PP for processing. Currently, exhaust systems in the plants – manufacturing chemical are usually made from PP plastic sheet.

Hệ thống thông hút khí bằng nhựa PP
Exhauster with PP sheet
  • PP sheet for industrial cutting boards, cutting mold food, pharmaceutical.
Thớt nhựa công nghiệp PP trong công nghiệp chế biến thực phẩm
PP sheet making cutting boards, food molds, pharmaceuticals
PP Board Phat Loc Gray Color

PP board Phat Loc Factory

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