PVC plastic sheet

Application: PVC sheets can resist excellent corrosive, heat insulation and high mechanical strength, It suitable for using in chemical industry, acid tank, building materials, Interior decoration and pharmaceutical technology. Specifically, PVC sheet is designed for brick pallet

Our PVC sheets contains 3 basic colors: white, ivory and gray but we can manufacture as requirements of customers. Product thickness is from 3 mm to 50mm.

PVC Gray
Tấm nhựa pvc màu mỡ gà
PVC ivory
PVC White
PVC White

PVC sheets are widely used in the fields of:

  • Pollution Control Equipment
  • Chemical Handling Equipment
  • Semiconductor handling equipment
  • Components of the machine and fabrication
  • Filter, lids, pipes and other protective devices
  • Materials for food, drug and cosmetics packaging
  • Pipe fittings, valves devices and electrical equipment bracket shell
Chỉ tiêu / Criteria Thông số / Parameters
Độ dày / Thickness 2 – 30mm
Độ bền kéo / Tensile strength 29.4 MPa
Độ bền uốn / Flexural strength 45.6 MPa
Chiều dài / Lengthiness 2000mm / 2440mm  (customers’ request)
Chiều rộng / Width 1000mm / 1220mm /1300mm
Màu sắc / Colors Grey, white, … (customers’ request)
Tỷ trọng /  Proportion 1,6 ~ 1,75 g/cm3