Transparent polycarbonate corrugated, plastic roofing sheet

Polycarbonate corrugated sheets 0.8 to 2mm thickness. Typical Applications inlcude: Skylights roofing, architectural roofing, light roofing and awnings, residential roofing: pergolas, canopies, patios & sunrooms, swimming pools, etc.

Polycarbonate Lightplates – shock-resistant, hail-resistant and durable transparent. Polycarbonate plates are co-extruded, and thus feature an additional, durable surface protection layer against UV radiation. The result is superior weather resistance.

Tấm lấy sáng polycarbonate 11 sóng

Tấm lấy sáng polycarbonate 11 sóng

Technical Data

  • Variety of waves: 5, 6, 11 waves
  • Thickness polycarbonate sheet: 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm
  • Colors: clear, green
  • 80% to 90% light transmission
  • UV coating and color options

Main Benefits

  • Impact resistant and virtually unbreakable
  • Transparent: up to 90% light transmission
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Blocks 99.9% of harmful UV radiation
  • Lightweight – less than half the weight of glass
  • Good fire rating
  • Easy to work with and install

Typical Applications

  • Skylights
  • Architectural roofing
  • Industrial skylights/rooflights and sidelights
  • Agricultural greenhouses and other structures
  • Residential roofing: pergolas, canopies, patios & sunrooms, swimming pools, etc.
  • Light roofing and awnings
  • Polycarbonate skylight/rooflights systems
  • Complete corrugated polycarbonate roofing solutions

Tấm polycarbonate đặc ruột 3mm

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