Rigid PVC Board

Rigid PVC Board Phat Loc is made from PVC pellets with high-grade additives imported from well-known brands in USA, Japan, Germany and Italy. PVC sheets have good bearing capacity, chemical corrosion-resistant capacity and abrasion-proof. We produce many kinds of PVC sheets under international standard to meet variety of applications. Therefore, our products are good choices of both domestic and foreign customers.


  • Good mechanical durability, high rigidity
  • Good electrical-insulating
  • High bearing capacity, chemical corro-sion-resistant capacity
  • Good printing and welding
  • Versatility can be adjusted
  • Fireproof


Tensile strength 2500 – 3200 (N/cm²)
Length stretchability 25 – 33 (%)
Flexural strength 45 – 90 (Mpa)
Size change at 550C in 6 hours 0.04 – 0.3 (%)
Vicat temperature 69 – 80 (°C)
Standard size 1000×2000; 1220×2440 (mm)
Thickness 3, 5, 8, 10, 12,…25, 30, 60 (mm)
Colour White. gray, ivory
Manufacturing company Phat Loc Heat Materials Co.,LTD
Tấm PVC Phát Lộc
PVC sheet manufacturing and providing by Phat Loc


PVC sheets are widely used in the fields of:

  • Pollution Control Equipment
  • Chemical Handling Equipment
  • Semiconductor handling equipment
  • Components of the machine and fabrication
  • Filter, lids, pipes and other protective devices
  • Materials for food, drug and cosmetics packaging
  • Pipe fittings, valves devices and electrical equipment bracket shell
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